Heading Home

Ok, that was amazing! OMG what fun did I have! I had 3 matches, and of course you have to show a bit of a fighting chance, but I definitely didn’t want to lose all of them… Being that we had a producer he gets to pick who wins and who doesn’t and well I can’t spill the beans on who actually did or didn’t … so you’ll just have to wait and find out who did. LOL.. gotcha confused now don’t I? :)

Well, we’re all back at the airport having lunch and giggling about this mornings events. I wanted to stop in and say hello before catching my flight home and load a pic of us girls.  Yes the outfits are a bit old school style but it was all out of fun and we all had an amazing time!

Off to catch my plane!

Oxox, Amber

catfight girls



Pretty excited today! I am making my first trip to Chicago to do a cat fight film.  This sounds pretty exciting! Not sure if I’m looking forward to leaving the cold weather to the windy city and not having much time to explore is always a downfall of the job.  As soon as I get in to the airport, I’m getting picked up by the producer with the other 3 girls and then off to have a bite for dinner.  From there straight to the hotel, get some sleep and up and at ‘em for a 7 a.m. call time. Oh and the worst part is that the time changes too! Losing an hour! How sucky is that… lol.  Well, off to get my packing done.. finish my work around here and find my nook so I can read on my journey.

Hope you have an amazing day!



Happy Valentine’s Day!


My honey bought me some beautiful flowers, a wonderful card to express his feelings and a bottle of champagne! :) Yummy! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and loving day today! May your relationships be full of love, hope, and laughter! I’m not sticking around long today… have a bit to do and have a wonderful dinner! Talk to you tomorrow!

Another Day at the PC

So, here I sit yet again at my pc… I was supposed to head to my friend Taylor’s house to do some shooting today, but there’s a terrible cold going on around here and well, needless to say, things had to be postponed.  Well, would rather have everyone all better than feeling sickly trying to shoot.. lol.. that would not go very well in photos. hahahaha

Well, in the meantime, since I won’t be doing any shooting today I’m getting the chance to sit at my computer, get some editing done, get some tax paperwork done (oh yeah, right?), and update everyone on the upcoming fun things I’m up to. :) First things first though, my coffee!!! Can not feel like I’m progressing without a good cup of my favorite toffee flavored cappuccino! I’ve got some descriptions to catch up on for the latest videos and photos I’ve updated… I have my member’s cam show to do today also! Woo Hoo!

Oh I’m also waiting on a brand new monitor for my desktop computer! My other monitor went out of commission the other day, so I’ve been limited to working on my laptop only! How much that sucks is beyond! I normally get to keep my music going through Pandora here, keep my facebook, my twitter, and my email programs open while I work on the desktop for all my editing.. now I have to keep things closed and limit my multitasking since this laptop probably wouldn’t be able to function very well with everything running! lol..

Well, off to get my work done.. hope your hump day is wonderful! Make sure you keep up with Twitter… I tweet with everyone and post photos there throughout the day!



On The Road Again

It’s early, and I wanted to at least get this posted before heading out to say I hope you have an awesome day and keep an eye out on my twitter for all my crazy & fun updates! I’ve got to get on the road and catch my flight… I have a layover in Austin, TX and I’ll type up a bit more of my journey with a few photos we’ve taken along the way.

Talk soon!


One Day Left

I’ve got to get myself packed…. seriously! lol  I’m trying to figure out what I have to wear for each of my after parties as well as my shoots I have lined up and just my tooling around clothing.  Way too much, and my problem is I tend to over pack! Guess it’s better than not having everything I need huh? I went to have my tests done  and just waiting on the return of those for me to print that out. I’ve got to take my puppy to the vet and have her shots up to date for her to be boarded for the days I’ll be gone.  Then off to get my nails done! Yeah!

I had this guy that actually wanted to be my “foot slave”, but then I found out that he was doing nothing but lying to me just to get me to talk to him.  WTF! I truly wish that people would be honest. Don’t tell a girl you have a thing for her feet and you bought some shoes for her that will be coming in, when every bit of that was a lie. Oh then also tell her that you’re going to pay for her pedicures for now on, but then never send the money to do it.  Seriously, what’s the point in all that? I don’t get it really.  Anyways… another dick head to the curb … just glad to have my man, and all my loyal fans that are true to their word.  Already too much negativity out there in this world to have someone else want to bring you down with them!

Well, I need to get my buttocks in gear and get dressed! Happy Hump Day!



Crazy Errand Day

So, today is a day of non-stop running around.  I have a bit going on and am pretty excited about my upcoming trip.  Peter and I are putting on an event coming up as well as packing for our scheduled time out at the AVN’s.  This will be my first trip there and am looking forward to it.  I have tickets to the award ceremonies, tickets for the convention, have the chance to host some after parties for The Wonderland Party and then still have to get some scheduled shooting in for AAH.

A good friend of mine Ashlee Chambers is planning on being there with me to get some girl/girl action on for Friday morni ng so I better make sure that I’m set and rested up for the naughty fun we’re going to have! I even have a girl coming out to do my hair and makeup to make me look extra special for the occasion! I can’t wait! I do love having my hair & makeup done by someone else… part of if is just feeling so pampered and the other has to do with being lazy.. lol.

I have an appointment to get my nails done on Wednesday… I would do them sooner, but have someone promising me that he wanted to pay for them… but so far he’s lied about everything else.. so why believe him now right? What is with men? Why do they want to tell you all these lies to get what they want? Can’t they be honest… I mean come on… silly things like ” I want to be your foot boy, let me pay for your pedicure.” Yet the time comes and they never follow through.. I’ve had some that would promise to allow me to financially dominate them… but that never really works either as they completely lie about what they can and can’t do.  It’s pretty sad some of these men.  Geez, grow up and try to be honest at the very least! Hell, I even had one guy get on the phone to argue with me that he wasn’t a liar and cried like a little baby about the whole thing, but in the end, he still did not follow through on his promises.  Guys that use and abuse the good nature of those of us in the public eye cause a concern and a standoffish nature to those coming after them.  We become hardened to the offers, or just purely learn to believe that most men saying they want to do for you are completely full of shit.. and therefore until something shows us differently, we have those thoughts in the back of our minds for those very next guys.  Just a word from the wise… you want women to believe you, trust you, and befriend you… then treat her as you wish to be treated… don’t lie, don’t cheat, and for fuck sake, if you promise something follow through!

Well, Im outta here for today! Enjoy your Monday!



Pool Day!

I’ve got a bit of fun ahead of me today! :) I’ve got a good friend of mine, Honey, coming over today to have some fun in my pool for my Liquid Lady’s website.  I’ve got a bit in store for her between just swimming around in a speedo (which I know many guys love seeing that!), doing her very first masturbation with breath holding, she said she’s done work before using a regulator and well it’ll be fun to do a little girl girl action in the pool while giving her some lessons in her breathing techniques ;)  I know… I can definitely corrupt some girls… but hey, in my defense they are looking for that corruption. lol

So, now to get everything together, the temperature outside today is going to be a beautiful 84 degrees and with the heater to the pool, well, it’s going to help take the chill off and give us some comfy swimming temps.  And if we can’t handle the water there long I always have my hot tub that can be used for some naughty fun! ;)

Ok, off to get my things together as Honey should be here soon.

Peter & I have a party in Jax tonight for one of his events, so we’ll be heading that way to meet up with some wonderful people and mix & mingle the night away.  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll chat at ya again soon!



PS… here’s a photo from the pool shoot and from Jax!



Hump Day!

Good Morning!

Its going to be a busy busy day! I’ve got to get all my documents off to my lawyer for all my wonderful court cases.  I’ve had to make copies of who knows how many things and get them into the mail so I can start all my proceedings.  I also have to take parenting classes again online… and now I’ve been told in order to keep my videos down off my ex’s website, that I now have to file against him for Copyright Infringement and Right of Publicity Claims, since he’s been using my name as a keyword in any and every video he produces to pull more people to purchasing his videos… you would think that if he was really that good at what he does that his videos would sell themselves without him having to attach my name to them in the back end.  Well… I’ll be the first to say he’s got great ideas and he does know how to edit his videos…. but geez already… stop piggy backing on me.  It’s been over 4 years now.

So, today I have my members webcam show and I hope to see you all there! I love having those few moments to chat with you…. get to know you, having you get to know me just a little more and then to have some naughty fun! ;) It’s funny normally when I cam it’s never to take any time to get to know those you’re camming with…. so having a few moments here and there to chat about anything and everything makes it a lot more fun!

I have to hit the gym today…  but first I’m going to do a bike ride with my plastic sweat outfit.  Help me sweat just a little more than normal… it’s weird, I know that people say that the plastic sweat outfits don’t do any good but actually do more harm, but when a person doesn’t sweat much to begin with I like that little bit of help every now and then.  Then it’s off to the tanning beds…. I’ve gotten pasty white and need to add a little color to my skin before AVN’s come up. I’ll post the photos later today to this post for you… enjoy!





The Wonderland Party / AVNs

So, I’ve got plans to hit up the AVN’s this year and I am sooooo looking forward to it!! I have been asked by a good friend of mine Devon Lee to join her, her husband Marcus London, Tommy Gunn, Whitney Grace and Cameron D in hosting some pretty wild, naughty, fun and beyond sexy parties.  We are doing full Nightclub take overs and some after parties…. Tommy Gunn is promoting his underwear line (got to get me some! ;) and Marcus London is giving a workshop to show you how to make a woman squirt … every time! ;) Of course then I have been invited to be a part of Marcus London’s chance at making a world record … oh this is going to be amazing and fun! So much naughtiness packed into an amazing weekend!

Oh yes! I have time set aside to have some fun with some amazing women during the AVN  weekend to get some amazingly dirty photos and videos for you! I get to play with the amazing Jewels Jade, oh yes! As well as Ashley Chambers.  I’m sure there are going to be some crazy swinger parties there also and sooo looking forward to making a few things happen there as well… not sure who will let me film them… but can never hurt to ask! :) Well.. time to get my things in gear and get my workout done and my day going! Have a happy Titty Tuesday! Enjoy those new photos up!





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