Just one more day…woo hoo! Mery Christmas Eve everyone. I hope you got all of your shopping done…unlike me. I have to go to the Mall today to pick up a few last items for those special people on my list. I love the Mall this time of year, especially on Christmas Eve. Everyone is so happy and nice. Once I get all of my things today, I will be stopping by the reasturant/bar located in the Mall. They always have the best Holiday drinks with Rum. I love it, I go each year. Of course, Im usually buzzing pretty good Christmas Eve night…LOL. Thats okay though, I get really kinky when Im buzzing….LOL. Just two nights ago I hit the Rum bar and came home and called one of my boy toys to come over and do me along with Jay….I had a nice little threesome that night….mmmmm, it was fun. Just may call him again tonight. ;) . Why not spread the leggs…i mean cheer….LOL. Im so funny! Well, I hope you have a wonderfull day and an even better one tomorrow. Hope you get to see all of the special people in your life….like me…LOL. Hugs and Kisses, Amber.