A Titillating Tour With Kayla Paige and Angie Savage

December 13th, 2009 by admin

The adventure continues as horny girlfriends, Angie Savage and Kayla Paige, continue to leave a naughty impression all around the streets of Hollywood. For this video, the girls manage to get a special tour that focuses on their porn star playfulness instead of the homes of blockbuster actors and musicians. These girls are far more interesting indeed!
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
There is just no stopping these girls when they are together. They aren’t the least bit modest about being seen and like true performers, they love putting on one heck of a show. They get out their big boobs and lick each others’ nipples and then lifts skirts to touch each others’ pussies. Kayla and Angie repeatedly lock lips and taste tongue as they make out in an arousing public display only on Aziani Xposed!
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
Watch Angie Savage and Kayla Paige exposing themselves in public!

Kayla Paige and Angie Savage Hit the Liquor Store

December 12th, 2009 by admin

As if Angie Savage and Kayla Paige aren’t already wild enough, they visit a liquor store to refuel. With their beloved banana still in hand, you know that they are going to get more than a little frisky and suggestive.
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
Angie starts rubbing the banana between her big boobs and Kayla comes up from behind to cuddle her. When they spot a young guy in line with an injured wrist, they show concern and ask if he’s still able to jerk off. No doubt he will be using his good hand remembering them later!
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
Watch Angie Savage and Kayla Paige being very naughty girls!

Kayla Paige and Angie Savage Go Bananas

December 11th, 2009 by admin

There is absolutely no denying that Angie Savage is a dirty girl and as it turns out, Kayla Paige is no innocent either! These hotties are out for a day of mischief and they have no trouble at all finding it. No sooner is the car parked then they are in the parking garage lifting their dresses to flash their awesome asses and pretty coochies. And there are of course some outstanding shots of their big boobs too!
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
Then Angie gets hold of a banana. It’s big and firm – the perfect plaything for these girls. They take turns deep throating it and Kayla proves herself to be quite skilled. Angie pretends it’s a penis and strokes it. Then in an unexpected turn of events, they come across a superhero who claims to be equipped with a super cock!
Kayla Paige and Angie Savage
Watch these hot babes and others being dirty girls in public places!

Angie Savage and Kayla Paige Get Close

December 10th, 2009 by admin

There are no private parts when it comes to feisty porn stars Angie Savage and Kayla Paige. These girls show it all and have a great time in the process.
Kayla Paige
These busty babes are all over each other in the car. They squeeze their big boobs together and make out and Kayla even sticks her pretty face between Angie’s smooth thighs!
Kayla Paige 2
Watch Angie Savage and Kayla Paige touching each other at Aziani Xposed!

Kayla Paige and Angie Savage in Hollywood

December 9th, 2009 by admin

Kayla Paige and Angie Savage are out on the town and ready to heat up Hollywood with their bad girl ways. They drink mimosas while Angie gives Kayla some pointers on proper flashing. First lesson is Angie slipping her pink panties off under the table. Kayla responds by sniffing at her thong and wearing it as a necklace.
Kayla Paige
The girls get playful in Angie’s dress as they mix food and boobs!
Kayla Paige
Watch Kayla Paige and Angie Savage get frisky!

Savannah Stern at the Sex Store

November 28th, 2009 by admin

When Savannah Stern goes to a sex toy shop, you know that things are going to get good. Putting such a naughty girl in such a naughty place is the perfect setting for some sexual mayhem.
Savannah Stern
She flashes her bits at the camera then buys a new toy and some batteries and heads to the car where she gets herself to have a wet orgasm!
Savannah Stern
Watch Savannah Stern being a very naughty girl today!

Savannah Stern Plays With Herself on Hay Stacks

November 27th, 2009 by admin

Savannah Stern takes a pee in the pumpkin patch parking lot and she has quite a powerful stream! She is told that she has to be a good girl for this, but Savannah has other things in mind.
Savannah Stern
She meanders over to the hay stacks with her pretty ass exposed and then rests herself on the bales for some awesome outdoor masturbation. She rubs her clit and fingers her pink cooch with her big boobs out and nipples pointing to the sun.
Savannah Stern
Enjoy Savannah Stern getting off in public!

Savannah Stern Goes Wild

November 26th, 2009 by admin

Savannah Stern puts on quite the show at the bar. She is enjoying her drinks and is equally enjoying taking out her big boobs and rock hard nipples. She even lifts her denim skirt to show her cooch.
Savannah Stern
This girl is wild. She doesn’t have to be asked to misbehave, she does it naturally. After the bar, she lifts her skirt and runs drunk through the parking lot with her hot ass exposed. Then she gets in the car and rubs her sweet spot.
Savannah Stern
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Lexxi Fox Breaks in a Toy

November 3rd, 2009 by admin

While it is great to watch sexy Lexxi Fox out and about town, flashing those awesome natural tatas and giving excellent upskirt shots, seeing her in bed masturbating her tight cooch without having to pause may be even better.
Lexxi Fox
In this hot video, sexy Lexxi turns on her vibrating, rotating toy and lets the orgasm happen. You are going to be feeling the pleasure right along with her.
Lexxi Fox
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Lexxi Fox Licks Cream

November 2nd, 2009 by admin

Lexxi Fox has a sweet little pussy and she shows off it’s moist beauty as she lifts her skirt and pets her kitty under the restaurant table. She spends a few minutes talking about her sexual preferences – from blowjobs and facials to vibrating toys.
Lexxi Fox 1
Lexi gets a big plate of nachos and spills some sour cream on her smooth thighs. She licks it off and it is more than just a little suggestive.
Lexxi Fox
Watch Lexxi Fox being a very bad and very sexy girl