Miracle Hang Over Cure!

Another year gone by! I always like to reflect on the last year and wow was ours a doosy! I mean that in a good way! I can promise for the New Year we will be updating weekly with hot videos and images and getting back to normal.

Today is a rainy ugly day here in Michigan, and I am thankful that yesterday was gorgeous! Yesterday I got in a 4 mile walk which is a wonderful way to meditate and reflect. Meditation and Masturbation two very healthy things to do often!! Hee hee!

Night before last the coolest thing happend. Tj was hunting about 400 yards from our home and he got a deer. He came back to get his tools to gut it and I went with him and watched. I had never witnessed it before, and I have to say I wasn’t bothered by it at all. Not that I want to dig in to it myself, but I didn’t feel that queasy ucky just ran over someones dog feeling. I know I could do it if I had to, but ya know my nails would be a mess, and I would just have to pass on it as a casual activity! But I am now a real “hunters wife”!!

Tonight we are going over our friends house to celebrate New Years Eve. If  I have trouble sleeping (like usual) I will come on up early and get on cam to play! If not I promise to be on all day tomorrow. I know masturbation is great for hang overs!

Be safe tonight!

Love Racquel xoxox

New Video, New Years Eve!

Wow..the last day of 2006!! I want to wish you all a very happy 2007, I hope this year will be fantastic for you all. The best year yet!!! I am probably going out tonight, but not sure yet. Still waiting to see if my friends got their limo. I won’t go out and drive any place. I would rather stay home. I always stay home New Year Eve..it gets a little too crazy for me. I will know later. If I stay home …I think some champagne is called for…maybe sit in the hot tub. And no I don’t need the expensive champagne either. I can only drink one glass of it…otherwise I get a major headache. I remember last year at a convention I went to this guy I know bought 3000.00 worth of Cristal champagne for our table. YES he was drunk and I am sure he probably regretted that bill the next morning. LOL! It was good…but not THAT good. That is silly..do you know how many shoes I could have for that? LOL!! I am planning a day for myself today. I am leaving shortly to go shopping. I did do a little shopping yesterday, but I was not in the mood. I know..can you believe that? Not in the mood to shop? WHAT? haha! I am going to have a girl day all to myself..I need to go buy some make up and girly girl stuff. I would love to find some office decor too. I am thinking of using my new foot massager/pedicure tub tonight. I think my toes could use some BRIGHT RED polish for the New Years!! :) Sexy!! I “think” my new video will be up today. I am hoping…so please enjoy! I am trying to plan my next cam show..I think probably Friday OR maybe Wednesday. I will let you know. Thanks again for the testimonials…you guys ROCK! Have a fun & safe New Years Eve everyone!!! I will get to my emails tomorrow!!! Be careful tonight…enjoy! Talk to you in 2007!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!

Good morning..happy Saturday! :) I am feeling happy today..in a very good mood. Why? I don’t know..lol I just woke up on the right side of the bed today..hehe! The sun is shining today ..that might have something to do with it. :) I ordered some Italian coffee for Xmas and it finally arrived yesterday. A little late..but oh well. Oh my..it is sooooo yummy! It is expensive so I will only have it once in awhile for a treat. No more expensive than Starbucks I am guessing. Wow…3-4.00 for coffee…that is crazy. I know it is good..but that adds up. I know people that go there every day. I did get a gift certificate to Starbucks for Xmas..so I will have to treat myself one of these days. I ended up staying home last night. No movie or dinner out. I was tired by the end of the day so I relaxed and watched TV. It was nice. I have been sleeping so good the past few days. Let’s see…plans for today? Well I need to get groceries and go to Hi Health too. I might just happen to drive over to the mall…if my car just takes me there that is. ha! I would like to buy a few things for my new office. I need a floor lamp really bad..the lighting sucks in this room. It is too bright with the windows open and the ceiling fan light hurt my eyes. I would love to buy a few pics for the wall too. It is very empty in here…it has an echo. LOL! The dogs love it..they get to sleep on my futon all day..not the cold hard tile. Talk about spoiled!! They all look and smell so nice..all four doggies got baths yesterday. They were crazy after that..running around the back yard slipping all over the place. I wish I had a few acres of land for them. Maybe someday! :) Thank you for the testimonials..thanks so much! I have to say that I obviously did not explain it very good because most of the ones I did get were about MY site. OOPS! I am sorry if I didn’t explain very good. I am wanting them for the Aziani site. (NOT MINE) They will go up on the free area of Aziani.com…so I was hoping you could talk more about the individual girls…Buzz (the photos)..Kroy (the vid) …etc… Although I am very flattered about what you are saying about me. (kiss on each cheek) the site is not really about me. I mean part of it is…and I am a Bonus site, but I would rather hear more about the girls. Does that make sense? I am sorry I didn’t explain my thoughts better. I guess I knew what I wanted, but could not put it into words very good. Sorry! Thanks again…I am off to start my emails now. Have a great Saturday everyone! Be safe!

Happy New Years!

Hi. How was everyones Christmas? Mine was just great….got lots of goodies and just had the best relaxing time around the house. Of course it was back to work on Wed. but now that its Friday already, Im doing okay. My office is having a little Pre New Years Eve party this afternoon. Im getting ready to head out in just a few but wanted to say Hi before I did. My co worker Tim will be there today too…he missed the Christmas Party which was a bummer. Anyway, Tim has the hots for me…and well, I have the hots for him too. Hes so good looking and what a body on that guy. I wish I could talk him into doing some video stuff with me for you guys to watch, but hes afraid his wife will find out and then all hell will break loose…Dont want that. So, he and I just fuck without any video and sneak off as much as we can here lately. He had no idea i was such the naughty little girl for so long…But he wanted me..and I wanted him. Now we got each other for office fun…..Mmmmmmm. Just love that. I hope everyone has a great and safe New Years Eve too. Please have fun but be safe out there. Im gonna be heading over to a friends house this New Years Eve. Last year was New York City which was fun, but im looking forward to sticking close to home this year. Well, better get downstairs and have a cocktail…Im getting excited already just knowing Tim is down there already with a stiff cock I bet. Mmmmmm, hopefully we can find a place to have some fun within the next half hour….I want it now, and some later too. Well, have a good one…..Hugs and Kisses……Amber!

Movie Night?

Good Friday morning!! Ready for the weekend? I am!! Thank you for the testimonials some of you guys sent. I will be in touch with you today regarding your free DVD. I still need more! (hint hint) It is another cloudy day…but I think the rain is gone. Some of the mountains surrounding the valley have snow on them..wow, they are just gorgeous! I have to leave shortly for my nail appointment and that is pretty much my day. Maybe run a few errands..the post office and the bank. Nothing too exciting going on this Friday..which is ok with me. I would love to maybe see a movie tonight or go out for dinner. I should get in some type of work out later…I need to walk my dogs. I have not done that for a few days…get off my tushy and do it. RIght? I have to go shower now…so have a great day everyone. Hope you are enjoying all the new updates. I am hoping to go shoot this weekend. :))

Catching up on Email.

Good morning!! It is a rainy..chilly morning here today. Kind of nice actually! :) I like a little bit of change once in a while. I stayed in bed a little longer than normal …snuggled up in my blankets listening to the rain. I am feeling a bit better today. FINALLY! I am starting to wonder if this cold has not turned into more of a sinus infection. It is lasting way too long for it to be just a typical cold. I don’t know? I do feel better today, at least I didn’t wake up with a monster sinus headache. :) I need to run a few errands later this afternoon so I hope it stops raining or my car will get dirty. It is looking so pretty…so spotless sitting in the garage. ugh..hate when that happens. I wanted to ask you guys if you would do me a favor? I know from some of your emails that you are enjoying the new Aziani site..the models…the behind the scenes photo shoots..etc… We have been tweaking the outside (free area) a bit lately. I was wondering if you would write me a testimonial for the site so I can post it for others to read?? I have some on my site..on the outside so if you want to read them to get an idea of what I am looking for..that would be cool. If you would send it to my email I would really appreciate that. So would Buzz & Kroy! :) If you do this for me..I will gladly send you a free DVD of your favorite girl. We are working on them right now…they should be complete by the end of January. Sound good?   Thanks guys!! Gosh this coffee is tasting soooo good today, I think I will pour myself another 1/2 cup and start my emails. Have a great day everyone..enjoy your Thursday.

Slept In…Again.

Where is the day going? I slept in today and wow the time is going so fast…too fast. I slept so good last night that I just could not get myself out of bed. Nice to snuggle up in my blankets with my doggies too. It is already lunch and I just finished my coffee. Ha! I have a busy day today..I need to run some errands and get some work done on my pc. Nothing too exciting…darn! I did make it out of the house last night ..went out for dinner and to discuss my 2007 goals. And boy..I have a lot of them. I looked back at my 2006 goals..I did accomplish about 75 percent of them. Not bad…I guess. They just went right back on my new 2007 list. LOL! It looks like snow outside today..so weird.  It has this cloudy gloomy look and feels damp. Of course it will probably rain. WHY? Cause I just washed my car. ha..funny how that happens. Have a great day everyone…I am off to start my work work work.

Tuesday is the New Monday

Well the holiday is now gone…over for another year. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! :)) Mine was very nice. The weather was amazing..I pretty much played outside all day yesterday (no jacket) and enjoyed the fresh air. I celebrated with my family and an old family friend. He lives on a golf course and the view was gorgeous. It was so beautiful…so peaceful. We climbed over the fence and took a long walk on the golf course….lots of cute little animals cruising around..I even found a few balls. :) The food was very yummy..I could not even eat dessert I was so full. Is that crazy or what? I took a piece of pumpkin pie to go and ate it last night. I am not a big dessert lover..and I bought the desserts ..ha! Go figure. I hope santa was good to you all!! :) Today I should be around most of the day…I am just playing catch up. I have mail sitting on my desk that I have needed to open for three days. LOL! Ahhh, it is just a bunch of bills any ways. Nothing important. haha! I have a lot of emails to do today too…so yes you will be hearing from me today. It is supposed to be 70 degrees today. NICE! I can shut off the heat and once again open the windows. Yeah! I would love to go buy some Christmas decorations today because everything will be on sale…but I don’t think I can tolerate the crowds today. I woke up with a monster headache. NO..not from drinking. I only had one glass of wine. My brother had a 200.00 bottle of wine so I only wanted to drink one glass…and not steal it all. (ha) Yikes..that is expensive. Honestly it didn’t taste much different from a 20.00 bottle of wine. BUT hey..I am no wine connoisseur. My headache is sinus related I am pretty sure. My face still kind of hurts from this nasty cold. The pressure is amazing. Ouch! I do feel better though…just not quite 100 percent yet. HEY…I added some new photos today that I really hope you all will enjoy!! Let me know your thoughts..K? I know I am shooting a bit later on this week. I am going to do some outside photos..and vid as long as the weather stays nice. As for a cam show…hmmmm, let me check my schedule and let you all know. K? I miss you guys!!! Well I am off to start my emails now. Have a great Tuesday..feels like Monday. Doesn’t it? Enjoy your day everyone!!

Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday! I hope you will enjoy your day with family & friends…whatever you do..just enjoy yourselves. K? I am leaving shortly for my day. Gosh..no cooking for me. I am the dessert girl and I think I probably bought WAY too much. I am looking forward to today’s meal..turkey, ham & prime rib. Wow…lots of goodies. It is supposed to be a beautiful day…in the 60′s and sunny. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas when the weather is this nice. Where is that darn snow any ways? I opened all my presents last night..the gift exchange was fun. I did get some cool things. Santa did give me that foot massager that I really wanted..can’t wait to use that. OH I even got a new martini set..so I am thinking sipping a martini while soaking my feet tonight. I could use a nice pedicure. Must keep my toes happy. lol Sounds like a fun plan. :) The food turned out really really good last night…except one thing. I burned the garlic bread. OOPS! I totally forgot about it and wow that broiler works fast. It was not too bad…at least we could still eat around the burnt spots. ha! Hey..I never said I was good in the kitchen. But I am good in the bedroom…hehe! What would you rather have? A good cook? OR good SEX? Hmmm, tough decision. haha! Boy..I am funny today. Any ways…HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY EVERYONE…ENJOY~ And thank you all very much for the cards…and all the Christmas wishes. :))) Talk more tomorrow!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am actually on line right now doing some work, so I am available for private shows if anyone would like to interupt my work and give me a fuck break! Or even a POV blow job with a toy is fun! Did you notice how Tj and I have always filmed our blow job videos in POV ( Point of View) so it is like I am sucking YOUR cock! I will be on line a lot through the holidays so be sure and look for me, I would love to make you pull on your prick!

I did finsih my book Hannibal Rising, it was good! But I love all of that kind of psycho stuff. Of course I love sex more! I gave Tj a hot blow job in bed this morning. Someone asked me in my live show if Tj ever steals pussy? The answer is yes of course! I have never in 11 years of marriage said no when he wants sex, or a blow job. Soooo I was half awake and he was rubbing his hard cock against my ass and he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. I stroked it a little, but it needed some lube so I rolled over and rapped my hot wet mouth around it and rested my head on his tummy. He held my head still and fucked my face feeling my wet horny mouth suck him hard. He must have been really fucking horny because in no time I had all of his hot thick jizz explode into my mouth as he made his animal sounds and I giggled! I swallowed it in one big gulp and rolled over and went back to sleep! Tj didn’t have the luxury of sleep because the damn dogs woke up and needed to go out! But he wasn’t complaining! How was your morning? hee hee


Love Racquel xoxoxo

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