Layla Rivera (hot photos)

These photos just went live on today. I must say I think these are the best photos I have shot of Layla so far. Tell me what you think (post a comment)

Free Abbey Brooks Sample

Hey guys, a quick sample of one of this week’s updates. This is the very luscious Abbey Brooks doing her version of a wet tee shirt contest in our jacuzzi.

Rachel in the Shower!

Good morning! I am running a little behind today, I am heading out to my nail appointment and off to run more errands after that. Need to get the doggies some dog food, probably some treats and bones too. Aren’t I a good mom? hehe! I need to ship some DVD’s off to the post office. If you are expecting a DVD and you live out of the US…it is coming. I will ship them today. I hate going to the post office, it is always so busy. Holiday or not. Yuk! I will be home late afternoon so I will start my emails after that. K? I am thinking a cam show on Saturday…during the day. Thoughts? This week is pretty busy and I have not done a weekend show in a long time. I will be updating a new photo set today…so be sure to check them out. I am off to shower now. Have a great Tuesday everyone!! Talk more tomorrow! :)

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Rachel Aziani is Sexy See-thru Black Top Showing her Nipples

In this newly released free Rachel Aziani picture gallery Rachel Aziani flashes her goods in a very sexy black see-thru top! Wearing sexy clear high heels that accent her super sexy feet perfectly, Rachel Aziani poses on a white chair by a sunny window. Rachel shows us just how long and sexy her beautiful legs are before she spreads them to expose her gorgeous pussy! This Rachel Aziani picture gallery is really fucking sexy, I am sure you’ll enjoy this one!

Snow? Here?

Good morning! Brrrrrr, it is chilly here! It actually snowed last night. I could not believe my eyes. There is still ice all over my patio. Weird weather. I think I remember it only snowing two other times in all the years I have lived here. It does look kind of cool on the trees and the cactus. It is sunny today..yeah! I am hoping the rain is gone for awhile now. My dinner last night was was a fun time. It appears my friend has to work on a lot of things before the restaurant opens..but I guess that is what last night was for. A test. The food was yummy…so if anyone ever makes it to Gilbert, let me know. I will recommend his restaurant. It is a little on the pricey side, but good stuff. We tried everything from appetizers to desserts. Need to work out extra hard today. :) Speaking of today…I am not really sure of my plans yet. I would love to stay home, but I think I need to get a few errands out of the way. I could go back to bed very easily. I am slow moving this morning, not sure why.?? Guess it is Monday and that is to be expected. Buzz and I did end up shooting a video yesterday…that was FUN! You’ll see! I hope you all have a great Monday!! I will chat more tomorrow.

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What a Weekend!!

What a weekend we are having! Some of you may have noticed I wasn’t on line camming! Tj and I had the weekend alone and boy did we take advantage of it! I think he had his dick in my mouth more then when we were dating! I had my computer on my lap in his office and he slammed his dick in my face, of course I had to suck it! Then we were watching a movie (The Wicker Man …it sucked by the way) and he had to get on his knees and fucked my face while I was watching it! I am not complaining at all, just giving a few details of what my weekend was like! We went to bed at 9:00 pm last night just to be naughty for a couple of hours before we fell to sleep. I think today I may invite him for a bubble bath before our private time is up! I love playing with his floaty fellow in the tub and getting him hard and riding him, bubbles going everywhere! MMMMMMMM

Love Racquel xoxox

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday…woo hoo. Gosh i love weekends. This morning I got a treat…..breakfast and sex in bed when I woke up…LOL. I was sleeping so sound, and naked of course. All of a sudden, the blinds opened up and Jay was there with the video cam. You will get to see a routine Saturday morning for me coming soon on video…well, not the breakfast part…but me sleeping naked and getting laid in the morning. My favorite time for sex! I just got back from a walk…its so beautiful outside, I just had to get out a walk the bike trail this morning. Later today I think Im heading to the beach to meet up with some friends. Not sure what we will do once there, but Im sure of this….we will find some kind of trouble to get into…:). Well, just wanted to say hi…and let you know what Im up to today. Talk at you tomorrow.

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Ugh, Time to Pay Bills.

Happy Saturday afternoon!! I have been a busy little bee over here today. Yikes! I didn’t realize how much I actually had to finish up. It is 1:00 and I am still sitting here in my robe..uh oh! I was going to try and shoot a new video today, but the day is flying by. Soooo maybe I will wait and shoot tomorrow. Buzz is waiting patiently to shoot with me. hehe!! Ya right! LOL! We are ready to shoot some awesome content this year…lots of goodies coming your way. THANK YOU for a super fun cam show last night. You guys really are the BEST..I am so glad I do members only shows now. Wow..what a difference that makes. Thanks a bunch..I enjoyed my glass toy very much..and I hope you enjoyed watching me enjoy it. :)) I wanted to make sure I wished you all a HAPPY WEEKEND..I am off now to open my mail and pay my bills. Fun stuff. ha! Have a great more tomorrow!

Rachel Aziani in a Sexy Black Cocktail Dress

In this super sexy free Rachel Aziani gallery, busty Rachel Aziani is dressed in a classy little black cocktail dress and is wearing the sexiest lace up heels I have ever fucking seen! Rachel Aziani looks absolutely fucking stunning in this free picture gallery, her beautiful blonde hair and her busty boobs look just stunning together. And for all you feet lovers out there, I have to tell you Rachel Aziani has some of the sexiest feet of any online solo girl! In her members area there is shit tons of hot sexy feet content waiting for you! Tour Now!


Good morning! Well.. I’m off to the gym and then to work.. thank goodness it’s Friday! Have some friends that asked me to go bowling this weekend.. sounds like fun really! :) Something that you typically don’t do but when you do you have a blast with it. Will have to tell you if I kick Jay’s butt or not. Other than that.. no much planned. May go shopping for some clothes to wear out at the ski resort… although I may have to wait til we get out there since there are many places here in Florida that sell warmer clothing for the snow. Of course I’ll have to find something sexy just the same! I’m looking forward to at the very least get into the hot tub with another hot & sexy couple and see where things go. Never been to Colorado, so it’s going be fun seeing how sexually charged people are out there! Maybe they’ll even let us video tape it. :) that would be cool! Well.. need to get my butt in gear and get moving! Hope you have an awesome Friday!!

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