Amber in the Shower

Hi. Kroy is here…yay. I just got up and took a shower as Kroy got it all on film….and, in High Definition. I even had my favorite dildo in the soap tray which I just had to utilize also. Wow, the weather is so nice out today. We are all getting ready to go up to the Mall and do some shooting. I think we’re gonna do some upskirt and public flashing video today while we are shopping. Im so excited and cant wait to go. Im gonna wear a little mini skirt with no undies on so my pussy hangs out….I haven’t done that is so long!! Mmmmm, fun fun fun. I bet you cant wait to see that huh? Then, tonight we are all going to swingers party. Im hoping to find some hottis there that might want to do a little naught shoot with me. There’s nothing like swinger footage…tits and ass everywhere and getting taken advantage of…..Oh gosh im getting excited just talking about it. Well, better get going. I will let you know how everything goes….its gonna be naught though im betting. woo hoo. Have a great day.Muah! Come visit me at my site, Amber At Home! Hugs, Naughty Little Amber.

Racquel’s Messy Bessy Show

April 29, 2007 Hey friends! Let’s see….what have I been up to? Well I have been doing some private shows that you all can view! And Tj and I have filmed a few naughty videos, of course they are centered around my mouth and his cock! So I hope you enjoy them. I will have a new Messy Bessy hour long private show up after Tuesday evening : ) Those shows are so fun! I have a 1 hour show on CamZ on Wednesday at 7 a.m. for those of you who can tune in. My show there moves real slow, it is a get to know Racquell show more for my members. Since everyone there isn’t a member I only use 1 toy and have 1 orgasm. I think all that fun should be saved for members of my site! So stop in at Racquel to get to know me better if you can on Wednesday! Hugs and Love, Racquel xoxoxo

Amber Blogs

Hi. Yay, its Saturday! Oh my gosh im having such a good day so far. I woke up with kind of a problem…LOL. I had a dream last night that made my pussy wet this morning. When I woke, my little koochie was just dripping wet. It soaked my panties, which I had to take off and reach over and grab Jays cock. I slid my ass toward him, and then stroked him for a few until it was throbbing. Of course, I then guided it right into my pussy and fucked him spoon position until I came all over the place. MMMMMM, god it felt good. Ive been so horny lately, I think its because I know im going to see Mark soon. I hope I come back home with a soar pussy from fucking that stud….I’m counting the days. Well, later today Im going with a friend to a Fetish event. They are holding one at a local hotel here in town, and she called last night to see if I wanted to go. Of course, I said yes…..OMG, I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I think I will put on some fishnet stockings, heels and stroll on down. I hope to be spanked lightly a bit today, that would be fun….either by a hot girl or guy! Now that sounds like my kind of Saturday!! I’m looking forward to it, and will let you know how it turns out.

Below are a few pics of what’s coming out on Monday. The nasty, nasty video of Lisa Sparxxx and I swapping cum, sucking cock and fucking is on the way baby. This movie is sure to get your juices flowing…if you like to see me raunchy, dont miss this one. Two dirty girls at your service. Well, better get going…lots to do to get ready. Have a wonderful Saturday and dont do anything I wouldn’t do.

Muah! Come visit me at my site, Amber At Home! Your dirty little bitch, Amber.

Racquel Blogs

April 19, 2007 Hello horny friends! The sun is shining and that always makes me extra horny! Either that or it is because Tj was weinie dippin most of the night! It is dangerous sleeping naked with that man. He actually will fuck me in his sleep if we are spooning ( he says he doesn’t remember it…yeah right!!) This am after waking me up with his hard cock in my cunt with me on my stomach he rolled me over and slid his hot wet pussy covered cock in my mouth! How yummy was that? Hee hee! We got interrupted by a barking dog who thought his need to go outside was more urgent then our need to climax, but not to worry, not only did we resume face fucking Tj photographed it! Just for you!!

Come see it all at Racquel!

The Lovely Kelle Marie

Did you check out Kelle Marie’s portfolio update this week on She really is one of the most extra special, yummy girls we’ve put up lately on She’s really got the whole package – tiny little titties, rock hard abs, and her video clips are amazing! Enjoy, guys. As always you can see her full update over on !!

Naughty Allie Visits

This week on the latest update is is a big deal! Even bigger than merely a big deal, it’s a REALLY Big Deal, it’s blonde beauty Naughty Allie Chase! She rarely shoots for other sites but this week she’s made an exception for She’s really got the whole package – boobs, brains, blonde locks! Enjoy, guys. As always you can see her full update over on !!

Happy Monday!

Weclome to the Aziani blog this fine Monday morning. Do you know Raquel Devonshire?


You should.

Well, that depends. Do you like facials? What do you think of a horny housewife who sucks her hubby’s cock like he has ice cream flavored jizz? If those things seem neat-o to you than do yourself a favor and click on over.

Racquel Devonshire

Racquel Devonshire

Racquel Devonshire

Kelle Marie Sample

Kelle Marie

This is Kelle Marie. She’s hot. Super, dynamo uber hot.

You know how if you play football the coach tells you to give 110%?? Replace ‘play football’ with ‘fucking yourself with a glass dildo’ and ‘coach’ with ‘Buzz the director’ and you’ll understand how we got Kelle to give ‘er in this performance. You can actually see the sweat glistening on her skin. It’s excellent. Why are you still reading?

Check out the sample!

Been Away, We’re Back

We were tied up for a bit at this week’s porn convention but we’re back and getting ready to hit it harder than ever. Stay tuned for some more blog freebies and some wacky pictures from the convention.



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