Heather Summers talks about her body

Heather sits down with Rachel for a little one on one time. This video starts out with some girlie talk but ends up with Heather playing with a vibrator till she cums and cums.
Here is a video capture from this video.

Nikki Jackson

We recently had the opportunity to shoot Nikki Jackson. We have know Nikki for years and have always thought she was a babe, I know you all will agree. This photo of Nikki was shot on a Canon d40 with a 70-200 lens camera settings f-9, ISO 400, SS 1/125.

Illeana Rocks the Monkey Rocker… Sex Toy

Illeana has to be one of the most orgasmic models I have ever shot. Ever video Illeana had more then one orgasm. She especially enjoyed riding the Monkey Rocker in the Aziani video. Here is a video capture….

Guess who is in this Sexy Sheer Bikini

This See Thru Bikini really fits this babes. It barely covers her nipples and it looks like she is getting the start of a camel toe. Wanna see more CLICK HERE

Illeana’s Nipple

While I was doing the video capture from Illeana’s Aziani video this capture really stuck out… pun intended
Click here for more Illeana video at Aziani.com


Getting to know Annabelle Lee

Getting to know Annabelle Lee, We sit down and find out some interesting stuff about Annabelle Lee, she talks about life a little then she get a little naughtier and starts to talk about her body… but bubble butt, cameltoe pussy and perky little boobies. Next thing you know she is spread on the couch rubbing her pussy until she has a earth shaking orgasm.

The fluorescent video lighting experiment continues

Over the last few years I have mainly been a still photographer for Aziani. As of recently I have taken over 90% of all video shooting as well. (Rachel taking the other 10%) As I shoot and study the content, I have realized I really like the look of fluorescent lighting, it is harder setting the color temp at first but once it is done properly the results are amazing. The crisp look of the video is so refreshing. See for yourself, here is an image capture from a recent video shot using 2 lowel fluorescent lights.


Heather Summers (chokes herself)

After shooting the beautiful Heather Summers I noticed in her video right before she has a orgasm she almost always grabs her throat and gives it a gentle squeeze. Kinda kinky kinda hot. Check it out for yourself.
Aziani Video HD Capture



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