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April 29, 2007 Hey friends! Let’s see….what have I been up to? Well I have been doing some private shows that you all can view! And Tj and I have filmed a few naughty videos, of course they are centered around my mouth and his cock! So I hope you enjoy them. I will have a new Messy Bessy hour long private show up after Tuesday evening : ) Those shows are so fun! I have a 1 hour show on CamZ on Wednesday at 7 a.m. for those of you who can tune in. My show there moves real slow, it is a get to know Racquell show more for my members. Since everyone there isn’t a member I only use 1 toy and have 1 orgasm. I think all that fun should be saved for members of my site! So stop in at Racquel Devonshire.com to get to know me better if you can on Wednesday! Hugs and Love, Racquel xoxoxo

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April 19, 2007 Hello horny friends! The sun is shining and that always makes me extra horny! Either that or it is because Tj was weinie dippin most of the night! It is dangerous sleeping naked with that man. He actually will fuck me in his sleep if we are spooning ( he says he doesn’t remember it…yeah right!!) This am after waking me up with his hard cock in my cunt with me on my stomach he rolled me over and slid his hot wet pussy covered cock in my mouth! How yummy was that? Hee hee! We got interrupted by a barking dog who thought his need to go outside was more urgent then our need to climax, but not to worry, not only did we resume face fucking Tj photographed it! Just for you!!

Come see it all at Racquel Devonshire.com!

Happy Monday!

Weclome to the Aziani blog this fine Monday morning. Do you know Raquel Devonshire?


You should.

Well, that depends. Do you like facials? What do you think of a horny housewife who sucks her hubby’s cock like he has ice cream flavored jizz? If those things seem neat-o to you than do yourself a favor and click on over.

Racquel Devonshire

Racquel Devonshire

Racquel Devonshire

Rachel in the Shower!

Good morning! I am running a little behind today, I am heading out to my nail appointment and off to run more errands after that. Need to get the doggies some dog food, probably some treats and bones too. Aren’t I a good mom? hehe! I need to ship some DVD’s too..so off to the post office. If you are expecting a DVD and you live out of the US…it is coming. I will ship them today. I hate going to the post office, it is always so busy. Holiday or not. Yuk! I will be home late afternoon so I will start my emails after that. K? I am thinking a cam show on Saturday…during the day. Thoughts? This week is pretty busy and I have not done a weekend show in a long time. I will be updating a new photo set today…so be sure to check them out. I am off to shower now. Have a great Tuesday everyone!! Talk more tomorrow! :)

Come see it all at Racquel Devonshire.com!

What a Weekend!!

What a weekend we are having! Some of you may have noticed I wasn’t on line camming! Tj and I had the weekend alone and boy did we take advantage of it! I think he had his dick in my mouth more then when we were dating! I had my computer on my lap in his office and he slammed his dick in my face, of course I had to suck it! Then we were watching a movie (The Wicker Man …it sucked by the way) and he had to get on his knees and fucked my face while I was watching it! I am not complaining at all, just giving a few details of what my weekend was like! We went to bed at 9:00 pm last night just to be naughty for a couple of hours before we fell to sleep. I think today I may invite him for a bubble bath before our private time is up! I love playing with his floaty fellow in the tub and getting him hard and riding him, bubbles going everywhere! MMMMMMMM

Love Racquel xoxox

Ugh, Time to Pay Bills.

Happy Saturday afternoon!! I have been a busy little bee over here today. Yikes! I didn’t realize how much I actually had to finish up. It is 1:00 and I am still sitting here in my robe..uh oh! I was going to try and shoot a new video today, but the day is flying by. Soooo maybe I will wait and shoot tomorrow. Buzz is waiting patiently to shoot with me. hehe!! Ya right! LOL! We are ready to shoot some awesome content this year…lots of goodies coming your way. THANK YOU for a super fun cam show last night. You guys really are the BEST..I am so glad I do members only shows now. Wow..what a difference that makes. Thanks a bunch..I enjoyed my glass toy very much..and I hope you enjoyed watching me enjoy it. :)) I wanted to make sure I wished you all a HAPPY WEEKEND..I am off now to open my mail and pay my bills. Fun stuff. ha! Have a great Saturday..talk more tomorrow!

Cum Shot Update!

Already had enough of the ice here, thanks! Other then that we are doing great! This is exactly why us Mid Western girls know how to keep warm!! Hee hee.

I am on right now doing some computer work (yes I sort of can be a real geek at times) but I also keep my cam room on and would love to be interrupted for a private masturbation with YOU! You can how to do that and also view almost 4000 of my recorded private shows inside my website. View some that sound interesting to you, or create your own : )

I just finished a really good book, and of couse don’t know the name of it! I will have to look in my book case later, I know some of you check out the books I recommend! This one was good enough to buy the authors other books! It is one of my serial killer type murder mystery things, and I am almost finished with a ghost sort of story too. The ghost story is by John Saul, and I always recommend his books, though again, can’t recall the name of it! On a boring note (it that isn’t boring enough) I am reading Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. No I am not trying to market a gorilla! I have been in business in some form since I was 19 years old, so I am aways nose deep in some sales type of book as well. And people think I am simply a cock sucker!

On that note….man did I get a load of spooge from Tjs dick today! I swear he has been eating his Wheaties! Not sure where all that thick sperm comes from, my gosh but he sure never disapoints me with his cum shots! You won’t be disappointed either!

Love, Racquel xoxox

Topless Treats!

We finally got our snow this week, a little late for Christmas though : ( I bet Tj finds a reason to get me out there topless! He loves the goosebumps I get on my nipples. There are several winter updates inside if you have never seen them.

Remember the huge cock that fucked me on Halloween? Well it is back in the next update. I swear that dick feels like it will crack me in two. Then after that get ready to see hot thick jizz splash off my face. ( Like you have never seen that on my site before!!) We filmed one of our amazing hot thick gooey cock sucking facials in a heated moment and you get to see it all.

Don’t forget…I have a live show tomorrow at 9 am est on Camz. Stop in and get to knwo me. I always have one orgasm in the show and we sit around having coffee and chatting naked! Sorry I don’t take requests, but it is a great way to get to know me better. : )


Love Racquel, xoxoxo

Fucking Like Rabbits!

Wow have we been fucking like rabbits! Well fucking and sucking I should say because we have been filming a lot of content for YOU! So I must say Thanks for orgasms!

Today I am online doing some private shows between my real work! It is so nice to take masturbation breaks!! Tj and I are going to run to the market to get some items to cook venison tonight! I am looking forward to how yummy that little bastard will be. Then I am sure Tj will watch Football allllll day and I will be in my office ( better known as ) my “pussy play room” getting naughty with anyone who cares to join me!

Be sure and wank one out for me today!



Racquel xoxox

New Video Update!!

Happy Sunday! The sun is shining and it is supposed to warm up to 59 today! We have had picture perfect fall weather here for the past several days, and I have enjoyed it with a 2 mile run daily! Trying to get back into the swing of my workouts!

I am on right now 10:00 am doing private shows if you care to join me in a fun naughty break from my other work! I expect to be here most of the day, I have a lot of stuff to do today.

I hope you like my new video update! There are plenty more updates coming up before Christmas!

Have a horny day : )

Love, Racquel xoxoxox!

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