Hello Luvers!

January 30th, 2013

What’s up all my amazing guys and girls!

I’ve been a little MIA from my blog, but I have not definitely NOT been MIA from the web….lol! If you guys want to find me on a dauly basis, just follow me on my Tumblr and Twitter accounts :)

I wanted to give a BIG shout out to all my new member’s! I’ve had quite a few of you in the last several weeks….yay! Thank you to all my member’s though, you guys are why I’m here and get to have so much fun! I really do love sharing all my crazy sexual adventures with you :)  I’m in the process of shooting some brand new videos for you all. I really want to explore some new and exciting fantasies! I know you guys are gonna love it! I will definitely be doing both girl/girl and boy/girl scenes, can’t get enough of either of them…..YUMMY!

I got the opportunity to travel to Vegas for AVN weekend. It was fabulous! I met a lot of fans while I was there a long with some industry peeps as well. I hung out with my “Aziani Crew”, Buzz and Rachel. Soooo much fun! I’m hoping next year, I’ll be on the nominations list……Go Big or Go Home baby!

I’ve been working like crazy lately.Trying to balance work and personal life can sometimes be difficult. If I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I decided to take a writing class one night a week, I love it! I’m definitely a creative soul and this gives me the chance to express myself with words. I love creating, whether it’s through, writing, or my videos or my pictures :)

I’ve been fighting the sickness bug that has been hitting everybody. It seems as soon as I start feeling better then it hits again…..grrrrr! I’ve been doubling up on all my vitamins though and trying to hit the gym and work out extra hard to keep myself healthy.

My 1 Hour Member’s Only show is tomorrow, Thursday the 31st at 7:00pmMST – Can’t wait to see you all there and get naughty!

XoXoXo ~Demi






December 3rd, 2012

It’s MOANday!

Hope you all had a great weekend : ) I had friends come in from out of town. It was a very busy, but fun weekend! We went for dinner a couple times, hit an amazing new nightclub and went on a short hike out in the desert.  I hate seeing them leave, but super thankful they were able to come.

I have my member’s show scheduled for December 13th at  7pmMST. Can’t wait to spend time with my amazing member’s!! I’m planning a naughty XXXmas show!

Make sure to check out my new upcoming Holiday set! It was a lot of fun to shoot : )

Have a great week…xoxo




Happy HUMP Day!

November 29th, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to say hi and send some lovin’!

Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving : ) I enjoyed the day with friends here in AZ. I was hoping to get back home to Kansas, but scheduling just didn’t work out. I’m going to try for Christmas though! It was such a beautiful day on Thanksgiving. I went for a walk with my pup and a couple friends. It was great to get out after indulging in some yummy food!  I can’t believe it’s officially the holiday season! I haven’t decided if I’m putting up a tree or not this year. I may just put up a few decorations and call it good!  I’ve been asked by a few member’s if I have a “Christmas List” and the answer is a HELL YES….lol! You can find my list on or by using this link… via @amazon . If you do buy me something, make sure to email me and let me know. I want to know who I get to spoil back! xoxo

So, I had an awesome day of shooting updates for last week! It’s always so much fun shooting and goofing around with Buzz and Ian : ) I shot a VERY Naughty XXXmas scene with my sexy guy friend! He gave me an amazing tongue lashing on my pussy! I came so hard, it was FABulous! Can’t wait until the pics and video come out, you all are gonna love it!

Enjoy the pics from Thanksgiving and from my shoot!


XOXO – Demi




November 6th, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Happy November! Ummmmm, where did October go?!?

I’m really excited about this month : ) I’m leaving for L.A. tomorrow to shoot for GirlfriendsFilms. I was supposed to shoot for them last month, but we both had some scheduling issues. No worries though, I’m soooo excited to be able to film with them! It’s a great opportunity, plus I get to make out with sexy women for 2 days….yay!

I scheduled my member’s only cam show for the 15th at 7pmMST. I absolutely loveeeee all my member’s and appreciate each and every one of you!!! Can’t wait to get naughty with you all…xoxo

I’ve been working almost every night online, I just enjoy it too much…lol! Come and see me and get to know me better : ) It’s FREE to join You can also schedule private shows with me through my Skype account. Email me at

The weather here in paradise has finally cooled of f……YAY,YAY! That means, it’s time to spend more time outside : ) I did my first hike of the season this past weekend, it was awesome! Can’t wait until next time : )

Since it’s been awhile since my last blog, I’m putting a bunch of pics on here for you all to enjoy! I do post daily pics and randomness…lol on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. You can follow me on both &

Kisses and Hugs!!! ~Demi

Me and My Pup : )


Went dancing with friends!! Super Fun!

Halloween Night – dressed up for cams!

October Update on

Really fun shoot that I posted on Freeones.

October update for

a personal shoot I did with a friend : )


October Is Here

October 2nd, 2012

What’s up everyone!

Happy October : ) I’m really excited for this month, it looks like it’s going to be a busy and productive one.

I’m going to be working a lot, which is totally great. I’m a workaholic, but I believe that’s the only way to succeed and get ahead : )

I’m super excited to be traveling to L.A next week. I’m working on a new project with a company that I’ve wanted to work for, for quite awhile now. Girlfriend Films is an all girl film company who has been producing sexy g/g content for several years. I’ll keep you all posted on release dates : ) This will give me an opportunity to work with different girls in the industry, plus meet and work with new production crews.  Don’t worry though, I’m planning on shooting more for soon. My next shoots will be mainly hard core action, I’m ready to really heat things up!

I wanted to say thank you so much to all my kick-ass  member’s who came to my member’s show last Thursday! Can’t wait until the next one : )

Want some 1 on 1 online personal time with me? Send me an email and we can schedule a time and date that works for both of us : ) Send all emails to

I went on a RoaDTrip this past Saturday with friends. It was soooo much fun and the weather was amazing! I really needed to get away from the city and this was perfect. Hope you enjoy the pics : )

Have a FanTastic week!!!

Kisses – XoXoXo ~Demi

Cam show last week

From my member’s show : )

Sedona <3

Member’s Show This Week!

September 26th, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to send out a quick reminder. My Free member’s show is this Thursday the 27th at 7pmPST. You can still join and catch all the action at  I haven’t decided on the “theme” of my show yet, sooooo if you have some suggetions, let me know. You can email me at

I’ve been working a lot and also squeezing in down time with friends. The weather is starting to cool, just a little…yay! I’m ready to get back on the hiking trail : )

Enjoy a few candid pics : )))

Kisses – XoXoXo Demi

Bright and Colorful : )

Having FUN!

Goofing Around!

Monday or MoanDay?!?

September 18th, 2012

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re having a good Monday not a bad Moanday…lol!

I’m starting the week off good. Been a busy bee all day, even took my truck in for an oil change..yay me!

Friday night was a lot of fun! Gia and I did cam shows together. I love when she comes over and we get to be naughty together! The rest of the weekend was spent with friends. Had a great time yesterday watching Football. My Chiefs lost, but my Cardinals WON….they looked really good too : ) Tonight I’ll be rooting on my Bronco’s!

I’ll be on cams all week, you can catch me at  – I’m also doing private shows the next few days. This a great chance for you to be my “director”, I’d love to help you fulfill your fantasy’s! Email directly at to set a time.

Kisses and Licks! XoXoXo ~D



My G/F Jayna and I Saturday night!

Remembering 9/11

September 11th, 2012

Good Morning Luvers : )

I wanted to send a message out today in honor of the tragedy of 9/11/2001. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years. I remember that day and everything I did and felt. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims, the hero’s of that day and our military men and women serving then and now. Let us never forget that day.

On a personal note, I have my member’s cam show scheduled for this Thursday the 13th at 7pmPST. I would love to hear some suggestions on what type of show you all want to see. Don’t by shy……shoot me an email and let me know!

I had a great weekend with friends. We had so much fun kicking off the NFL football season! I cheer for 3 teams….YES, 3…lol! The KC Chiefs, Denver Broncos and AZ Cardnials : ))) I loveeee me some football!

Enjoy the fun phone pics…..Just me, being me : ))

Kisses XoXoXo ~Demi

Out and About : )


Happy Friday

September 7th, 2012

Good morning everyone!

I’m so excited it’s Friday and we’re at the weekend again : ) I’ve been busy, busy!

I’m working on some exciting new projects right now, and can’t be any happier! Looks like I’ll be making some trips to L.A. over the next several months. As soon as I get the details, I will be sharing them with all of you, so stay tuned!

My NEW updates that I shot last week are scheduled to be released starting next month. You won’t want to miss all the HOT G/G action I had with my G/F Gia : )

I have my Member’s cam shows scheduled for this month. They are Thursday the 13th and Thursday the 27th both at 7pmPST. I would love to hear some “show” ideas from you guys. Let me know what you wanna see! Also if you want to book some private 1 on 1 time with me, you can email me from the member’s area on my site

Tonight I’m going to be online with Gia doing some naughty G/G cam shows! I’m always super excited when she comes over and we’re able to Play : )) Come and see us

Since it’s officially #FuckMeFriday, I have a couple VERY FUCKtastic pics for ya guys!

XoXoXo ~Demi


Morning Eyes….



Goodbye August….Really?!?

August 31st, 2012

Ok, doesn’t it seem like we just said hello August?

I’m actually really excited to see September : ) Fall means the weather here in the desert is gonna cool off, just a bit. We’ll be looking at high’s in the 90′s…wow/lol!

I had a very busy and a little bit stressful week. I did my photoshoot for my website  on Wednesday. It was such a fun day! I got to shoot with a girlfriend of mine Gia. We made some extremely Sexy and MegaHOT magic together : ) Can’t wait until the updates are released….you guys are gonna Loveeee it! I also shot a pin-up scene, that’s gonna be in all black and white. I’ve always wanted to do a B&W : )

I’m excited for the 3 day weekend. I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m hoping something fun will come up and maybe I can escape for just a little bit and have some FUN!

Don’t forget, my MEMBER’S ONLY cam show is scheduled for tonight at 7pmPST – I can’t wait to kick off the weekend with you all! If you’re not a member yet, sign-up and come see me : )

Love and Kisses ~Demi

Behind the scenes from my shoot

80′s RockStar!

The FAB Ian : ) He shoots all my HOT Vids!

Gia and I – Rainbow Bright Girls!

Gia and I – SEXY black lingerie : )

at my photo shoot : )

Behind the scenes with Buzz Aziani