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Karina Kay doesn’t even talk, she gets right down to business as she gets dirty flipping up her dress. She can’t wait to get her fingers in her pussy. She squirms and moans as she pulls out her toy and makes herself so hot that she cums, showing off her wet pussy.

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Karina is catering to the bikini fans today! Her sexy attitude shines through as this coed with a bangin’ body is strutting her stuff by the pool. And she’s far from shy behind the camera, though she looks innocent. She gets right down to the business of being sexy and dropping that bikini.

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Karina Kay shows the confidence of a woman that knows what she wants. She comes out in lingerie, ready to be sexy and strip down, to satisfy her own desires. She lays back on the couch and lets those hands roam all over her sexy petite body.

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Karina decides to talk about what things turn her on, and she details some of her fetishes… Before she realizes it, her fingers are roaming down to her pussy and she starts doing what comes naturally. Luckily she has a toy nearby to help herself out.

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She may be in jeans and a sexy little shirt, but Karina looks simply stunning. Before we know it, her sexuality just oozes from her and she decides she needs to slip out of those jeans.

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